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The company logo offers the possibility of carrying out a series of activities in our facilities of its program "PARKAVENTURA Actividades Ambientales de Ocio y Aventura"

Activities to perform in our facilities:


  • 3 hours of activity.
  • For over 8 years old.
  • There is no limit of participants.
  • It is necessary an adequate and limited space to carry out the activity.
     PRICE: € 230

Bird watching. (initiation)

  • 3 hours of activity.
  • For all ages.
  • Groups of between 4 and 8 people.
     PRICE: € 140 (does not include trips to the observation areas)

Animations and ginkanas

  • 2 hours of activity.
  • Adults and children can participate (it will adapt to the age of the participants).
  • There is no limit of participants.
  • It can be done in an indoor room or outside by the town or area.
     PRICE: € 250

  We also have assistance services (we entertain the children at events and celebrations) and kangaroos.

Activities to do outside of our facilities::


Center for Environmental Activities of Leisure and Adventure
San Pedro de las Herrerías Camp - Zamora


It is the first park of Adventures in the trees of the province of Zamora. Located in the Youth Camp in San Pedro de las Herrerias, in the Sierra de la Culebra. It runs through an enclosed area and you can carry out various leisure and sports activities of increasing difficulty and in contact with nature. Designed to guarantee the security of the clients it is of use for families, groups of friends, companies, schools and collectives in general. Ideal to enjoy nature, team work, personal improvement and decision making.


it has been built under the European standard EN-15567 that guarantees the safety of the installation as well as the forest health on which it has been built.
All the challenges of the park are guided by a well-identified safety life line that prevents users from falling.
The participants have material of first brands homologated as a helmet, harnesses with anchor ropes and carabiners and pulleys.
Everyone receives a driving class and familiarization with safety devices.
The monitors that develop the activity have the qualifications required by the current Active Tourism and Youth Laws. Includes insurance of R.C. and Accidents.


Posed for the practice of Leisure, Nature and Adventure activities, in three different circuits, plus a multi-purpose climbing wall and several fields of activities.
Participants: from 1 to 15 from 16 to 35 over 36
Young Adventurers Circuit € 12 / pax € 10 / pax € 8 / pax
Circuit Emotions adults € 15 / pax € 12 / pax € 8 / pax


It has a wide range of fun activities such as: Climbing on the climbing wall, climbing in boxes, archery, hiking or gymkhana.

ADVENTURE PACKAGE PROPOSAL (minimum group 6 pax)

 Circuit ParkAventura + 1 activity to choose 20 € / Pax
 Circuit ParkAventura + 2 activities € 25 / Pax
 ParkAventura circuit + kayak route € 35 / Pax
 Circuit ParkAventura + 1 activity + kayak route 40 € / pax
 ParkAventura circuit + 2 activities + kayak route 45 € / pax

All activities have a soft drink or beer at the end of the activities.
It also includes a repeat of the circuit chosen for free.

 If you want something special you can also make adjusted and personalized budgets.



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