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The company logo offers the possibility of carrying out a series of activities in our facilities of its program "PARKAVENTURA Actividades Ambientales de Ocio y Aventura"

We offer:


  • 3 hours of activity.
  • For over 8 years old.
  • There is no limit of participants.
  • It is necessary an adequate and limited space to carry out the activity.
     PRICE: € 230

Bird watching. (initiation)

  • 3 hours of activity.
  • For all ages.
  • Groups of between 4 and 8 people.
     PRICE: € 140 (does not include trips to the observation areas)

Animations and ginkanas

  • 2 hours of activity.
  • Adults and children can participate (it will adapt to the age of the participants).
  • There is no limit of participants.
  • It can be done in an indoor room or outside by the town or area.
     PRICE: € 250

  If you want something special we can also make adjusted and personalized budgets.

  We also have assistance services (we entertain the children at events and celebrations) and kangaroos.


   Tlfno: 980 580 225 /  630 069 865 WhatsApp
   Generalisimo,nº 18 - Villarrín de Campos 
   Zamora - SPAIN

 Current Offers

Two nights in a double room only € 130.
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Three nights in a double room with continental breakfast in the room and massage candle € 250.
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