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  Laguna del Villardón Country Hotel

This hotel is located in the Lagunas de Villafáfila Nature Park, a 35 minute drive from Zamora.
The rooms are individually decorated and equipped with all the amenities. 

  The setting

Villarrín de Campos is located in a shallow depression in the plateau. It stands at 683.9 m above sea level. It would seem that the countryside in Villarrín is a vast plain but it is not, towards the north it gently slopes up until it reaches 702 m at Panaderos Road.

On the west, it reaches 726 meters at Atalaya (the highest point) and 700 meters in the Grieta Marta lagoon. On the South, altitude remains stable at 680 meters up to the boundary with Villalba. The municipality of Villarrín is located between 41º 50' and 42° South latitude and 1º 56' and 2° 01' West longitude.[ + ]


   Tlfno:  630 069 865 WhatsApp
   Generalisimo,nº 18 - Villarrín de Campos 
   Zamora - SPAIN

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