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  The Hotel
habitación del hotelhabitación del hotelhabitación del hotelhabitación del hotelhabitación del hotel

The building which houses the Laguna del Villardón Country Hotel used to be a barn, locally called ‘panera’, in the 19th century. It has been restored by keeping the original beamed structure and turning it into a welcoming country hotel with 5 rooms, a restaurant, a café and a garden terrace.

  The Rooms

You will find unique decor and atmosphere in each of the rooms, which are inspired in 5 continents.

All the rooms are equipped with a TV with a built-in DVD, biomass underfloor heating (olive stones), a biofuel fireplace and a bathroom with hydro-massage shower featuring chromotherapy. An extensive library and media library is also available for our guests.

habitación del hotel

A room decorated in warm colors with a colonial touch, the bed has a 1.60 meter canopy and there is a modern sofa which turns into a 1.35 meter bed.

habitación del hotel

A rustic decor style room with two beds (1.20 m and 1.35 m wide) which used to belong to Great-granny Epifanía. They have been restored and match the rest of the furniture.

habitación del hotel

A room with the atmosphere of the Eastern continent, in black and white in order to enhance the contrast and featuring an authentic 1.50 meter wide Japanese futon mattress.

habitación del hotel

A room with a 1.60 meter wide canopy bed and a 1.35 convertible sofa. It is painted orange so that the best sunset in the lagoon area stands out.

habitación del hotel

Dedicated to Morocco, with a spectacular lamp and a 1.60 meter canopy bed, from where you can gaze at the constellations in the sky. 1.35 meter wide sofa bed.

  El restaurante
habitación del hotel

To enjoy authentic home cooking with local produce top quality, fusing traditional cuisine with the international.
Make your reservation at our restaurant should do so with an hour's notice.


The restaurant has a capacity for 26 diners with large tables and comfortable chairs. Our restaurant is included in the cooperation project and gastronomic promotion "Espacios a gusto" to strengthen our area as a tourist destination, hand gastronomy and quality products. Whose motto is Comer, beber...Vivir.

  La cafetería

Homemade breakfasts at reasonable prices, choice of teas and coffees of superior quality.
At any time of day, if you want a snack or a drink in a cozy place.

  La terraza
Terraza al aire libre

Fabulous garden terrace at the rear of the building, where you can enjoy a peaceful and friendly atmosphere lit with LEDs on clay bricks over 200 years old.

  El parque infantil
Parque infantil

Children can play in our playground safely while sunbathing on deck chairs in the garden.

  El doctor FISH coffee
El doctor FISH coffee

You relax in our hot color therapy with 280 fish doctor to provoke laughter therapy, stimulate acupuncture points, activate your blood circulation, reduce stress, eliminate dead cells by a natural peeling and secrete an enzyme (dithranol) regenaradora skin, very recommended for skin with dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. While you can taste one of our teas.


   Tlfno:  630 069 865 WhatsApp
   Generalisimo,nº 18 - Villarrín de Campos 
   Zamora - SPAIN

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